The Stand

by Joel Houston
CCLI# 4705248
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Some songs just seem to be more than the sum of their parts, which makes writing a review a bit tricky.  Such is the case with The Stand.  The verses follow Christ from divinity to death to the life that we now live in.  The chorus, which isn’t sung until near the end of the song, is a call to action (“I’ll stand/With arms high and heart abandoned”), and it feels like a culmination of the story that you sing through.  The song is simple enough to be easily learned, and seems to quickly draw people in.   As with some other popular worship songs, the verse that speaks of Christ’s death focuses on our sin and failure (and thus, our need for redemption) rather than on Christ’s love.  It can come across as being more about us than God.  This is a minor detail, but worth noting as we work to critically assess the theology we sing.