In Christ Alone

by Keith Getty & Stuart Townend
CCLI# 3350395
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In writing In Christ Alone, Keith Getty and Stuart Townend intentionally created a hybrid of “contemporary” worship music and hymn style singing.  The four-verse format lends itself to rich harmonies, but can also be sung as a stripped down melody with a single guitar.   The power of this song lies in its storytelling of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.  The melody is beautiful and easy to learn and sing.  It seems to rise and fall with the sentiment of the lyrics.   Some Anabaptist congregations might find that the theology of atonement in the song (“Till on that cross as Jesus died / The wrath of God was satisfied”) is not completely satisfactory, since it names God’s wrath rather than God’s love as the reason for Christ’s death for us.  Similarly, the song doesn’t mention any piece of Jesus’ life or teaching.