Hosanna (Be Lifted Higher)

by Sidney Mohede & Israel Houghton
CCLI# 5780152
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This song’s beauty and challenge is its simplicity.  Here are the lyrics in their entirety: Hosanna, in the highest / Let our King be lifted up / Hosanna The simplicity of some songs can seem shallow, but there is power in this song when you let yourself be drawn into it.  It becomes possible to let go of the mechanics of the song and enter a place of deep worship.  It is not without challenge for the leaders, however.  Because it is so repetitive, this song requires careful arrangement to avoid stagnancy.  Rich harmonies and the layering of instruments (start simple, add instruments as you repeat the song) can make this song incredibly beautiful.  It’s a bonus that this song was written by a member of Jakarta Praise, a church in Indonesia that is part of the Mennonite church through Mennonite World Conference. Here is a video of the song's author, Sidney Mohede, leading Hosanna.